Dear WebCage,

I just wanted to thank you again for the your help resolving the problem we had with our server in the past couple of weeks during their upgrade. I know it is not even your job to get involved in this kind of trouble-shooting, but you go a couple of extra miles just to make our -your clients' - life easier. I am very glad to have switched over to your company to be our Web-site developer. What previously took weeks now only takes days, sometimes only hours to change on our Web-site. Believe me, it does make a difference when we want to provide current information and be ahead of our competitors. I just hope they don't find you!

With warmest regards:
Ivett Wesselenyi
Monaco of La Jolla Inc.
" defines customer service to a new level.  They are responsive and easy to work with.  They are always available anytime of the day to meet their clients' needs.  We are extremely satisfied with their service.“  
- Grace Adams, Trilogy Spa
“We’ve had our rental company for over a decade, and since moving our business to WebCage, we’ve grown exponentially. We constantly get compliments on how easy our website is to use, and how easy we are to find in the search engines. Since starting with WebCage, we’ve grown to over 25,000 hits to our site every month!”
– Yorgo Alexandrou, H2O Craft Rentals